Meagan Rusby, PharmD

Meagan Rusby is originally from Mars Hill, Maine and received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Husson University.  She has 8 years of experience working in the emergency department and community pharmacy settings at Eastern Maine Medical Center, Mars Hill Pharmacy, and Miller Drug.  During her PGY1 residency at PCHC, she developed a passion for primary care pharmacy.  Highlights of her work thus far include antimicrobial stewardship efforts in our pediatric population, development of a standardized process for expedited partner therapy, and standardizing over-the-counter prescriptions for pediatric patients.

During her PGY2 residency, Meagan was excited to further developing integrated primary care pharmacy services at PCHC by working with Penobscot Pediatrics, as well as to improving the appropriateness of antibiotic use across all PCHC practices.  Meagan is happy to be able to continue her work at PCHC and hopes to enhance her clinical pharmacy skills and mentor young pharmacists.


Mars Hill, ME

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Husson University

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Primary Care Pharmacist at Penobscot Community Health Care